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david chen

Content creator based in Austin, TX. 12+ years experience working within the gaming marketing and social media industry. I am passionate about great technology, photography, design and UI. 

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I enjoy photography because it's challenging... and then I jumped into event photography because it's even crazier. There's a constant balance of composition, lighting, storytelling, and putting yourself in the right place at the right time for the perfect shot. 

By day I work on marketing and esports initiatives for Alienware. It's a great job that has given me plenty of opportunities to travel and photograph the gaming/esports tournament scene.

In my free time, photography and content creation are passions of mine and I'm working on building a strong and diverse body of work.

I'm always looking for new projects to tackle, photographers to assist and content challenges to add to my mix. HMU for some collaboration projects!

Keep in touch with me on Twitter or Instagram.

- David 


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